The Public Safety Program includes:

Crime Prevention: Support the Los Angeles Police Department and property owners in crime prevention efforts while offering a customer service orientation to the district patrons. The safety program assists in the prevention of break-ins, automobile-related crimes and generally disruptive street elements.

Crime Suppression: Rapid response to stakeholder calls for service encompassing a range of quality of life issues including trespassing, graffiti "tagging" and scavenging. Teams of private security personnel on bicycles and in vehicles also provide a deterrent effect by maintaining a high-visibility presence on patrol throughout the district.

BID public safety officers receive continuous training in areas of weaponless defense, pepper spray certification, baton training, bicycle safety training, CPR & First Aid, verbal judo, and outreach and sensitivity training.

Safety Services:
Sunday thru Saturday
• Bicycle Patrol (7 days: 7:00am-5:30pm)
• Vehicle Patrol (7 days: 7:00am-9:00pm)

Dispatch Center- 7:00am to 9:00pm 213-228-8484 ext. 210


Maintenance services include sweeping, steam cleaning and related surface maintenance control issues. Maintenance crews provide services 6 days a week. Services include:

• Trash removal
• Graffiti removal
• Sidewalk cleaning/weed abatement
• Abandoned property removal
• Paper sign + handbill removal
• Daily pressure washing